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    The New Years resolution of 2014 to send out a postcard-a-day to someone different for an entire year has come to an end. Stay tuned for the next adventure. Until then, feel free to reminisce via the #postbark or the tumblr gallery.


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    Chris Barker has developed an interesting ritual in 2014: Every day since Jan. 1, he has addressed one of his collection of vintage postcards, found a new backdrop, and taken a photo of the postcard before dropping it into the mail.

    Postscript: You’ll thank me later

    It was an idea to provide one daily random act of inspiration for another person by sending them a handwritten postcard with a thoughtful and empowering quote.

    This Guy Is Mailing One Postcard Every Day Of Year

    In this age of emails, cell phones, and Facebook it seems that sending postcards is becoming a lost art. This is not the case for 26-year-old Chris Barker.

    Postbark – keepsake from a stranger…

    When was the last time you found a postcard in your mailbox? So far so good. But when was the last time you received a postcard from a stranger?? Chances are it may happen soon…